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Some facts about us

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Who are we?

We are professionals with a people oriented background.

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What is Klymbia?

An idea of the company appeared roughly three years ago when we started talking about the need of creating a business which would put people first in communication, recruitment and employer branding.

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Our approach

What unites us is our commitment in creating a better world for people, communities, businesses and the planet. Our approach is innovative and we provide our services in four languages.


Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the improvement of work life locally and globally. We trully want this world to be a better place for all people and animals. We support animal shelters and volunteers. Partnering with us, you are making your contribution into our charity activities.

Founders of Klymbia

Tomi Kontkanen
Co-founder, Communications guru

— I am by education a political scientist who graduated in 2016 from Åbo Akademi University with excellent grades. Through my studies I also had the opportunity to complete half of my master’s degree at the renowned Katholieke Universiteit Leuven which is located in Belgium just half an hour from Brussels. People and society have always interested me hence my keen interest in the humanities and in the social sciences. All of which resulted in my development into a solid trilingual communications expert through my professional experience in organizations such as the European Parliament, where I was a trainee and the Rehabilitation Foundation which provided me plenty of opportunities in professional development. Whereas my time at the Finnish Student Health Services gave me a front row seat to see and be an operative actor in one of the largest health care reforms in modern Finland. In 2019 I was also a candidate for the Social Democrats in the European Parliament elections receiving 1138 votes from the Finnish electorate. Currently, I work through our company as a full-time consultant for NTT Data Belgique.

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